I Lift. Therefore, I Am.


KGs vs LBs. It makes a difference.

Also, if you’re 25, as strong as I am, and have a 38 inch vertical, I officially hate you.

Shoulder: Behave!

Another day of plodding.

190x5, 201x5, 206x5
Notes: 190 and 201 were easy. 206 was hard because I messed up the breathing pattern of the Press 1.5.

Bench Press
302x5, 324x5x2
Notes: Felt really strong on bench today, but shoulder started bothering me quite a bit afterwards. It was low level pain when going into external rotation, whether in isolation or integration. Went down some as time passed, but annoying and a little worrisome.

BW Chins

Making plans is difficult nowadays


A plan used to be simple: you would agree to meet someone at a certain time and place and then you would meet them there and then. Now, a plan is subject to all sorts of revisions because “cellphones make people flaky as #%@*”.

A Plan: Once heralded as a firm commitment to an event in…

Kottke is on fire today.  Millennial and younger people problems.

Why the increase in food allergies?


Hmm, this is interesting. Recent studies suggest that food allergies may be caused by the absense of certain intestinal bacteria…in part due to increased use of antibiotics in very young children.

Food allergies have increased about 50% in children since 1997. There are various theories…

Interesting.  I’ve often wondered about this.


1,824 lb total at 274.

Squat: 639

Bench: 485

Deadlift: 700

Wilks: 472

I finally got around to making a video from the meet last night. I didn’t hit the numbers that I wanted to hit, but I still hit two PRs and added 44 lbs to my previous meet total even after dropping a weight class. I also set 3 USPA Junior 20-23 American Records in the 275 lb class. 

And you’re still a Junior.  Strong as fuark!

Added some volume back in today, with a smaller jump in load. Although I didn’t get good sleep and felt blargh this morning, today’s lift was the first time since the infection started that I actually felt pretty good while lifting. 

392x5, 410x5, 421x5
Notes: Easy. Which felt good for a change. If I were RPE-ing it, I’d say 421x5 was an 8.

460x5, 405x5
Notes: Not as easy as the squats but no trouble. I’m still struggling to regain the deadlift mojo that I lost the day I strained my back going for a second rep at 627. That was June 28, I think. Ever since then, I’ve not felt as confident in my grip or my back-setting and my pull as a whole has not felt strong. Like something is just a bit off. In any case, these were fast but I didn’t love how they felt.

Versa Climber
60ft climb / 45s rest x 5

I’m in a no-man’s land this week, training-wise. I can train and feel mostly better, but am having the cyst removed next Tuesday, and will have another forced week (or so) off after that. Since I’m still ramping back up after time off and an infection, even if I push my absolute hardest, it won’t accomplish anything worthwhile enough to make a difference in terms of where I come back after the post-removal week off. So the idea is to do enough this week so when I come back after that week off, it isn’t further back than it otherwise would be. This is just really weird for me, because I’m used to either pushing forward, being on a planned/necessary deload, or ramping back up. Whereas this week I am just treading water, on purpose. It’s weird. Anyway.

Bench Press
302x5, 313x5, 324x5

179x5, 190x5, 195x5

BW Chins

Nothing interesting on any of the lifts to note today.

Barbell Safety

My friend and colleague Matt Reynolds is an Elite powerlifter, Pro Strongman, owner of STRONG Gym - one of the strongest gyms in the country, and a world-class barbell coach. Yet tragedy still struck his family when his 23 year old cousin passed away a few weeks ago after a bench pressing accident on the Smith Machine. Matt courageously penned this article on barbell safety to help prevent things like this from happening to anyone else.

Please read and share with everyone you know who lifts.

4th time squatting this week. Granted they were all significantly sub-max, especially at the beginning of the week, but it was interesting to squat every day.

45x6x3, 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x5, 405x5
Notes: Belt for 365 and 405.

Bench Press
45x10, 135x5, 190x5, 237x5, 280x5, 315x5
Notes: Granted it’s a big jump from 264 (Tuesday’s top BP set), but 315x5 was kinda hard and that annoyed me greatly.

BW Chins

#BBQ preparations… #startingstrength #lightday #bestbelts #squat #WolfManor #mAAcros

#BBQ preparations… #startingstrength #lightday #bestbelts #squat #WolfManor #mAAcros